How to brew the perfect chai

An illustrated guide.

November 29 2020
  1. Fill 3/4 of a mug with water

    Mug of water

  2. Pour water into saucepan and boil

  3. Add two teaspoons of LOOSE tea. I use Kenyan Tea, but any tea with the maximum strength indicator from your preferred retailer will suffice. Teabags are for mugs.

  4. Add some spices to taste. I use around half a teaspoon.

    Ginger powder, black/white pepper, cinnamon, cloves

  5. Add a few drops from your vial of tears accumulated over months of 2020 existential dread

  6. Do fourty star jumps.

    stick person doing star jumps

  7. Read a novel

    War and Peace

  8. Learn a new skill.

    Anatomically correct Rubiks Cube

  9. Stare into the void.

  10. Add a wee bit of milk

  11. Wait until it gets to this colour.

  12. ENJOY!

    McVities Digestive biscuits, broken into perfect halves