13.7 signs you may have started a cult

November 22 2020
  1. You are an enigmatic leader.

    Screenshot of people pondering my existence

  2. There is a slogan that has become a meme.

    "I'm afraid I don't know the 13.7 meme"

  3. There is a vague origin story.

    Screenshot of people discussing the many potential origins of 13.7, inconclusively

  4. There is spiritual home for your followers to gather.

    Screenshot of #13point7 slack channel with followers

  5. There are a strict set of rules, with consequences for those that don't follow them.

    List of rules for cult Follower being shamed for breaking the rules
  6. You have merchandise.

    13.7 t-shirt, given as a tribute to the leader

  7. You have literature.

    Book titled 137, given as a tribute to the leader

  8. You have celebrity endorsements.

    13.7 in The Good Place

  9. Your followers will go out of their way to spread the message.

    Follower hoping to make the leader happy by spreading 137

  10. Your followers are willing to be economical with the truth.

    Follower tempted to fake data to spread 13.7

  11. Your followers are willing to subvert democracy.

    Overheard: someone (jokingly) hoping to fudge 13.7 in election results

  12. It has encroached into people's personal lives.

  13. "The Man" keeps trying to shut you down.

    Someone deleting the 13.7 rules webpage

  14. You have promised your followers a glorious tomorrow if they simply