As days go, today was mediocre at best.

August 2 2021

As days go, today was mediocre at best.

I woke up at a reasonable 9am.

Had my usual breakfast of tea and toast and evenly split digestives.

The rest of the morning was spent catching up with my correspondence. That pesky correspondence won't catch up with itself, after all!

Lunch was pretty good - falafel and pitta. The hummus was a day after its use by date - but life is too short to worry about things like that.

I went on an adventure, taking a train to a park and woodlands area. It would have been nice, but it was rather cloudy.

So I came back, and compensated by having a couple of beers and devouring a pack of crisps.

I had my feet up though, so it was practically like being on a beach.

Just now I went for another little walk, Spotify in my ears, to compensate for the beer.

And that's it really. Nothing particularly spectacular. Nothing particularly sour. Just another day.

But that's okay. Not everything needs to be noteworthy. Most certainly not postworthy. Sometimes you have to just do the chores, or take some time for yourself, or simply get swept away by time.

Every day doesn't need to be a masterpiece.


The night is still young...